Families and Schools Together (FAST)

Families and schools Together logoFAST is an evidence and values based multi-family group. FAST runs for 2 and a half hours once a week for 8 weeks from a child’s nursery or school.

At FAST families will come together at their child’s school and take part in fun games, such as Scribbles and Feelings Charades. Parents also get time together as a group of adults in ‘Parent time’ and ‘Buddy time’ while children attend kids club.

Families eat together every week and every family wins a family prize.

For School Professionals

The FAST programme is strongly evidence based to support children’s learning and build home school relationships.  The programme is evidenced to – help children improve their reading, writing and math’s skills, help parents get more involved in their child’s education, encourage strong bonds and encourage community engagement and involvement by parents. The FAST programme has a 4 star evidenced based parenting programme rating on the Department of Education Website for further details on this visit – http://www.education.gov.uk/commissioning-toolkit/Programme/CommissionersSearch. Save the Children are currently funding Walsall Primary Schools with a higher than 25% free school meal rate as part of their anti poverty strategy.

Schools that run FAST in Walsall are:

  • Goldsmiths Primary – 01922 710182
  • Bloxwich CofE – 01922 710210
  • Lodge Farm Primary – 01902 368587

If you are a school interested in running FAST contact parenting team. The contact details are at the bottom of the page.


happy families logos (colour)If this isn’t the right programme for you, please visit the ‘Walsall Way of Parenting’ homepage. If you are interested in booking on a programme, or would like further information, please contact Walsall Families Information Service (FIS) on 01922 653383 or walsallfis@walsall.gov.uk. Visit their website www.mywalsall.org/fis for more details.


Details of up and coming delivery of FAST

**More dates coming soon**

If you are interested in attending, please contact Walsall Families Information Service on 01922 653383 or email walsallfis@walsall.gov.uk. They will take your details so that you can be contacted when a course becomes available.


For further information on the ’Walsall Way of Parenting’ or if you are interested in running a a group please contact:

Georgina Atkins, Parenting Coordinator – 01922 650714 / 07908 242162