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mellowMellow Programmes

The Mellow Programmes are aimed towards vulnerable and hard to reach parents who often have trouble engaging with services.  Mellow programmes allow parents to take the lead in exploring their relationships and provide a structured environment where they can learn how to improve their relationship with their child. Mellow programmes run in single sex groups. If you are a parent interested in Mellow please talk to your Social Worker or Family Support Worker. The Mellow programmes do require professional referrals. Please remember parents must be willing to attend Mellow programmes voluntarily.


Mellow Mums

Mellow Mums is a 14 week, full day group, that supports mums maternal wellbeing, mother and child interaction and mum’s self esteem and confidence.  The programmes helps mums explore their own childhood and current experiences, helping them to reflect and consider how their past may affect their current care giving.  The group provides a personal group for mums in the morning whilst children are in a separate children’s group.  The personal group looks at things like trust, relationships, confidence, past and present amongst lots of other things.  At lunch children and parents come together for lunch and a lunch time activity.  In the afternoon Mellow Mums attend a parent workshop looking at ways to manage children’s behaviour and build relationships. The programme also includes ‘have a go’ home activities for mums to undertake with the children at home.

Mellow Dads

Mellow Dads is a 14 week, full day group designed to support and build dad’s confidence in parenting and making positive change in their relationship with their children.  Mellow Dads helps dads improve attachment between themselves and their child and increase their parent child bond.  The dads group follows a similar structure to Mellow Mums (above).  In morning group dads explore topics like ‘Who am I?’ and ‘Trust and Anger’. They also come together for lunch time activity with their children and a parent workshop in the afternoon.


Mellow Bumps

Mellow Bumps is 6 week, 3 hours a week group which is designed to help mums-to-be relax and get ready to welcome their new baby.  Having children can be especially hard for parents if they have not had a good childhood or are under stress. Mellow Bumps allows mums-to-be to get together with other mums and share ideas and support one another. The group provides personal support for mums to be whilst also providing information to help prepare for the babies arrival.



happy families logos (colour)If this isn’t the right programme for you, please visit the ‘Walsall Way of Parenting’ homepage. If you are interested in booking on a programme, or would like further information, please contact Walsall Families Information Service (FIS) on 01922 653383 or Visit their website for more details.


Details of up and coming delivery of Mellow Parenting


Mellow Mums:

  • Alumwell Sure Start, Monday 30th January 2017, 09.00 – 15.00

Mellow Dads:

**More dates coming soon**

If you are interested in attending, please contact Walsall Families Information Service on 01922 653383 or email


For further information on the ’Walsall Way of Parenting’ or if you are interested in running a group please contact:

Georgina Atkins, Parenting Coordinator – 01922 650714 / 07908 242162