Teen Triple P

Triple P LogoTeen Triple P Group is an 8 week group.  Parents attend for four sessions for 2 hours, then take part in 3 telephone call sessions and finally attend the final session at week 8.  The group is for any parents of young people aged 10 to 16 years living in Walsall.  The programme was featured on ITV’s ‘Driving Mum and Dad Mad’. The Teen Triple P Group helps parents get a better relationship with their teenagers, increase good behaviour and reduce problem behaviour.  The course covers many proven and effective strategies that parents pick and choose what they want to use with their teenagers.  Teen Triple P group also has strategies for parents in dealing with teenager’s emotional behaviour and risky behaviours, this can really help parents who are concerned about what their teenagers might be getting up to.  The programme also has built in evaluation questionnaires that are shared back with the parent during telephone call sessions.

happy families logos (colour)If this isn’t the right programme for you, please visit the ‘Walsall Way of Parenting’ homepage. If you are interested in booking on a programme, or would like further information, please contact Walsall Families Information Service (FIS) on 01922 653383 or walsallfis@walsall.gov.uk. Visit their website www.mywalsall.org/fis for more details.

There is a Teen Triple P programme available:

  • Blue Coat Academy, Wednesday 1st February 2017, 09.30 – 11.30,

    *Please call 01543 454117 to book a place*

There is a Group Triple P which is open to families with younger children

  • Manor Hospital, Wednesday 1st Feburary 2017, 18.00 – 20.00 *Please call 01543 454117 to book a place*

To be added to the waiting list, please contact Walsall Families Information Service on 01922 653383 or email walsallfis@walsall.gov.uk


For further information on the ’Walsall Way of Parenting’ or if you are interested in running a group please contact:

Georgina Atkins, Parenting Coordinator – 01922 650714 / 07908242162